We Go to the Ends of the Earth to Find New Readers

Here’s a brief promo for Printer’s NW Trader magazine. If you’d rather read musings, please choose one of my other posts. Thanks for humoring me…


Printer’s NW Trader goes where regular salesmen dare not go — remotest snow-covered Alaska, the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado, the rainforests of Washington, and small towns everywhere in our growing 14-state coverage area.

Many readers are small in-plants, garage shops, broker-printers, and mom-and-pop outfits who aren’t on the radar of the big equipment salespeople. Yet they are buying equipment and supplies and using trade partners to fill their needs.

Often the Trader is the one and only way these people stay in touch with our industry.  

Yes, it is expensive for us to mail this way. Postal discounts are given for saturating a zipcode, not finding the one lone printer in a small town in a remote part of the state.

But it’s important to us, and beneficial to you, to find these readers . . .  and to keep them.

Even if our competitors could find these readers, which they can’t, it’s not worth their while to pay extra for postage or to cater to a party of one.


This is the area where we really differentiate ourselves as a magazine for the printing industry. Each of our readers really is a party of one to us, and we know most by name.

We give them referrals, they tell us their challenges, we hear how they are fighting City Hall to put up a sign, they call to run ideas past us on transitioning their business, they ask how the business climate is “out there,” and much more.
When they move or leave their companies to join new ones, they let us know. Where other magazines might let a subscriber fall off the map, we track them down and make sure their Trader finds them wherever they land.


For this reason, our subscriber base has stayed stable in a shrinking market. Our readers consider their copies of the Trader to be indispensible. They keep them on their desks — reading, highlighting, and using them all month long.
Many people at one location might be referring to the Trader: owners looking to see who has installed what, estimators looking for vendor partners in the Trade Directory listings, sales managers looking for leads, and production managers looking for new and used equipment.


Another phenomenon we are seeing is that, due to financial necessity, some of our most loyal readers are taking jobs in other industries. However, they are keeping their subscriptions so they can move back when a job opens up.

In addition, we all know that many job changers are risk takers. By the nature of their personalities, they are influencers and decision makers, whether or not they are owners or managers.

They are the type of readers you want on your side, reading and internalizing your ad messages, and supporting you. Your presence in this challenging time will be remembered by these loyal readers.

To our hundreds of advertisers, thank you for your ongoing support.  Your success is our success! 

P.S. Advertisers! Are you on LinkedIn! I invite you to join my network. Please view my
profile and send me an invitation at www.linkedin.com/in/sandyhubbardpublisher


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